How to choose the right SEO agency
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How to choose the right SEO agency

Imagine that you had to book a last-minute flight to New York in order meet business partners. The plane you boarded was swift and without delays.

You land safely at the airport. The announcer greets you upon arrival and wishes you a safe journey. Your destination was Beverly Hills, California. It’s a waste of time that you will regret.

It’s like getting on an airplane and hiring professional seo agencies. Each agency could do a great job at ranking your website in search engines. Before you can fly, your first task is to make sure you are choosing the right plane.

To choose the right SEO agency for you, it is important to:

  • Know your business goals (your destination)
  • How you envision yourself getting there (your desired outcomes).
How to choose the right SEO agency

SEO requires you to use a different agency or plane depending on where you are going. These are the main ones:

What about the outcomes?

It may be necessary to:

  • Your entire website and specific keywords should be ranked higher
  • Increase your traffic and leads by attracting more qualified people
  • Organic search can directly drive sales.

You need SEO strategies that are specific to your business goals and results.

Because no SEO agency can be a one-size fits all for all strategies, industries verticals, or company sizes, it is important to know these basics before you begin looking for a partner.

Let’s look at some hypothetical scenarios.

Example #1

Assume that your goal is to appear on Google’s first page when certain people search for specific information related to your business using certain keywords.

What is the result?

This group of people is important to you. You need to educate them with engaging content and then pull them into your sales funnels.

This is why you need an agency that is skilled in SEO-optimized Content Marketing. You’ll also need an agency that has proven success in helping companies achieve similar results.

How to choose the right SEO agency

Example #2

Let’s say you have excellent content written by freelancers for your website. You realize that Google doesn’t rank them for your targeted keywords.

Instead, people search for content that isn’t as good as what you are creating. Yours, however, appears on Google’s 17th and top pages.

This indicates that your competitors have more domain authority or backlinks to their websites and higher-ranking content.

An SEO agency with experience in linking-building is required to improve your website’s domain authority and rank.

You can determine which type of SEO agency you should consider if you are clear about your goals.

This first step allows you to take a look in the mirror at yourself and determine what you need. It streamlines the selection process.

This ensures that you only select agencies who have the expertise and experience to drive other businesses to your destination.

It doesn’t stop there.

There are only a handful of agencies you can choose from, so it is important to look for the characteristics that show they are trustworthy.

This will help you choose the best SEO agency for you.